6 Steps to Setting Better Goals

After a whirlwind holiday month packed with loads of people and activities for which I’m very grateful, I found myself short on time for reading and writing. Who knew applying to public kindergarten in New York City was so complicated?! In this month’s quick-fire Fiscal Therapy, I hope you find the following tips on goal-setting helpful as you set your sights on 2017. Happy New Year!


Save Effortlessly, Not Mindlessly

Can technology help us create better saving habits? I recently read this article reviewing apps that aim “to make saving as effortless as spending.” While these tech tools can be really useful, it’s important that effortless doesn’t become mindless. How and when should you consider integrating a savings or investing app into your financial world?  Here are a few reasons why an app might help your savings efforts.

Questions you should ask any financial advisor

There’s a wide spectrum of professionals who call themselves financial advisors.  You need to know how to tell the difference between pure salespeople selling products and advisors committed to providing quality advice and acting in your best interest. Also, if you or a loved one works in public service, don’t miss the New York Times article below highlighting the pitfalls of some 403(b) retirement plans.

The Line Between Effortless and Mindless

I've been thinking about the line between effortless and mindless spending. Technology has allowed a great deal of our spending to become effortless which is a great convenience. However, these conveniences also enable us to spend mindlessly, reducing awareness of and control over where our money is going. The faster our shopping experiences become, the easier it is to blur the line between needs and wants.