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Hi friends, I’ve taken the month off from writing, so instead of my regular blog posts and emails, this month I’m sharing my favorite reads and resources related to personal finance. Enjoy!

TWO MONEY COLUMNS I LOVE: Carl Richards & Ron Lieber

The New York Times

There are so few people writing about the connection between our emotions, behaviors, and money, and these two men are leading the charge. Their weekly columns in The New York Times are well worth your time.

PERSONAL FINANCE BOOKS I LOVE: The Opposite of Spoiled & The One-Page Financial Plan

So yes, I’m a big fan of Ron Lieber and Carl Richards, and these are their books.

Lieber’s book, The Opposite of Spoiled, equips parents with practical advice about “raising kids who are grounded, generous, and smart about money.” It’s fantastic.  

The One-Page Financial Plan by Carl Richards is the most accessible and to-the-point personal finance book I’ve read. If you want to dive deeper into financial planning and prefer a DIY approach, this is worth your while.


RESOURCES I APPRECIATE: Daughterhood & Student Loan Hero

If you’re struggling to navigate the care of your aging parents, Daughterhood is an amazing resource and community just for you.

Questions about student debt? Student Loan Hero is another great resource with loads of helpful information on everything from refinancing, consolidation, default and repayment strategies.