Below are our top resources on wisely managing your money so your finances can fuel your dreams.


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Online courses and toolkits

  • BUDGET TOOLKIT.  Take charge of your money with our free resource for learning the how and why of budgeting.  The toolkit includes a budget spreadsheet and guidance to create your own budget.

  • MERGE.  Money causes more marital conflict than perhaps anything else.  Most couples lack a united vision for their money, let alone a plan for achieving it together.  MERGE is designed to equip couples to stand on a united front and eliminate the conflict and confusion around money. This 6-week online course will walk you step-by-step through creating a joint financial plan and equip you to achieve your goals.      

  • ESSENTIALS.  Your money, regardless of how much or how little you have, can create opportunity and help you achieve your dreams. Take charge of your life by learning the essentials of personal finance and set yourself up for years of success. ESSENTIALS is a 6-week online course that will help you create a personalized financial plan and equip you to orient your money around what matters to you most and achieve your goals. 


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