Saving and spending

Is your investing plan boring enough?

Ten years ago, Warren Buffett bet $1 million that a passive index fund would outperform a basket of actively-managed hedge funds selected by his counterpart in the wager.  Buffett was right.  Boring doesn’t mean mindless.  Be thoughtful about where you hold your accounts, what you invest in, who you receive advice from, and how much risk you’re willing to take.

5 Tips for Maintaining Your 529 Account

This is the final article of our college savings series. Congrats for making it this far! One day not too far away, your kids are really going to thank you. Let’s recap what we’ve covered in the last month. We’ve talked about 1) whether to save for college, 2) what type of savings account to use and 3) how much to save. This final article will provide quick tips on how to maintain and (one day) withdraw money from your college savings accounts.